Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tempting Tuesday - A Rainbow for Mom

Hi all! It has been a busy few weeks with vetting, craft shows and gardening, but I'm taking a little break to share with you a literal RAINBOW of goodies to shower upon mom. We all know that Mother's Day is often celebrated with flowers, so I've stayed upon that general theme, but in ways you may not expect.

1. My RED pick is this luxurious card from crankbunny. The outside of the card is a simple bud, while inside mom will find an amazing pop-up red flower.

2. ORANGE is a fused glass daisy pendant created by pennyglassgirl. This vibrant piece was created in her own glass studio.

3. For YELLOW I found this amazing preserved rose necklace. RoyalPrincess preserves and turns flowers into jewelry for a really cool gift.

4. I just love this GREEN little hand bag made by EightSeasons. Wouldn't mom look great with this snazzy new wristlet?

5. BLUE is provided by this wonderful bowl from StudioElan. Hand made with love, care, and exquisite attention to glazing!

6. Last but not least, VIOLET can be for all those moms with allergies, black thumbs, or an intense love of crochet (or all 3!). LindseySedlar created this little work of art and it is a marvel!

Thanks for looking - support the artists by clicking on the above links and photos, and thank your mom!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tempting Tuesday - Puppies!

I've been vetting a lot over the past week which inspired me to create this Puppy-centric post. Because really, you can't go wrong with puppies!

1. This snazzy collar from BowWowCouture is just the thing for the discerning pup. It looks comfortable, washable, and perfectly designed for your puppy's neck!

2. How about something for your one neck? Try this one of a kind hand hammered copper necklace made by lonesomedovedesigns.

3. This adorable letterpress card was inspired by the artist's beloved stuffed dog toy, Fritz. How cute is that?! Visit inkadoodledoo's shop to find out more.

4. You'll need a tag to put on your dog collar - here we have a very fine sterling silver example from TheTwoBeans.

5. I love this whimsical yet practical garden stepping stone from the aptly named dogsteppingstones. Check out their shop for examples of many more breeds!

6. Last but not least I'd like to share this precious dress from thetrendytot. Fire engine red offseting a handsome dalmation makes quite the fashion statement!

I realize that I did not make a pie in March. This was my mistake, and I'll try to do better! I've got one down for April - stay tuned for that post soon!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tempting Tuesday - Cafe

One of my favorite parts of spring is sitting at a cafe on a sunny morning with an iced coffee and good book or bit of knitting. Here are a few temptations in the cafe mood!

1. These delicious beads were created by artbylisi and would look great in a statement piece of jewelry. Don't they look just like swirling coffee?

2. You'll need a bag to bring that book or knitting project - how about this cute offering from truffalope?! It is repurposed from a burlap coffee sack!

3. Chunky coffee exfoliating soap... mmmm. These soap bars from bainetbulles are reputed to be great at cleaning off strong odors and dirt- perfect if you are heading to the cafe after gardening or cooking.

4. These size 3 needles would be perfect for that project you've been meaning to get to. They are hand worked by ElementalHandcrafts and look smooth, silky, and heavenly.

5. Need to celebrate a cafe morning on your own porch or patio? Let this adorable hand-thrown teapot from organicceramic help.

6. Had to include the actual cafe scene! Can't you just imagine yourself at one of those tables watching life flow by? This gorgeous impressionistic piece is from artstudio.

Thanks for joining me at my little cafe table - we'll see you again soon!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Garden time - Row cover tutorial!

Spring is rolling along here in New England - I've calculated that we're about 5 weeks from our last frost date, so the veggie gardening is getting busy. We built 3 raised beds this year and a cold frame to give the veg an extra head start. Everything is crammed in the sunniest corner of our backyard, but I like to think that the lack of space just makes us more efficient.

The peas and spinach are already up and rocking and the broccoli that I started from seed was begging to join them, but I had a bit of a problem. I've always learned to place a cloche (protective covering) over broccoli starts to protect them from cold nights, scorching sun, and wind. I grew up using milk jug tops... a really wonderful (and eco-friendly!) idea. However, we've been drinking milk from paper cartons so I did not have a ready supply of milk jugs. What was a gardener to do?

Gardening supply companies sell little plastic cloches and I called a few coffee shops to see if I could have some jugs, but then I did a little more research and shifted my game plan entirely.

I decided to build a mini-greenhouse... basically a cloche over the whole row of broccoli! It would shield the plants from sun, wind and frost AND I had all the materials on hand.

Step 1: Green branches of equal length were bent and inserted into the garden soil to form a row of hoops over the intended planting row. Flexible PCV pipes or wire hoops could be used instead - I just didn't happen to have these.

Step 2: A length of heavy duty plastic was cut into a rectangular shape that would fit over the hoops with about 4 inches extra on each long side and enough plastic to reach the ground on the short sides. We had plastic left over from covering the wood for the winter, otherwise it is available at hardware stores. Water permeable row cover material would be great... again, I didn't have that on hand.

Step 3: I cut 2 slits through the plastic on either side of each branch about 7 inches from the ground and used twine to tie the plastic to the branch. Zip ties or twist ties would also work here. I only did one side for now since I needed to plant!

Step 4: Plant and water!
Step 5: Tie the other side of the row cover to the branches and cut some holes along the top of the cover. This will allow excess heat to escape the row so that you don't cook your baby plants.
Step 6: Cover the extra plastic on each side with a little soil. I set the ties fairly far up the branches so that I can roll up each side if we get a really hot day.
This cover should be useful for a few weeks while the broccoli gets well established and then I'll be able to pick it straight up and likely reuse it on whatever needs it next. Peppers? Eggplant? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tempting Tuesday - Daffodils

Inspiration continues to flow from the springy world outside. In a few short weeks we've seen our peas and spinach sprout, planted apple trees and raspberry canes, and marveled at the amazing blooms of the daffodils springing up. Without further ado, the temptations!1. This journal from QuinnBookbinding would be a perfect place to record your spring musings and thoughts. Sturdy construction and a daffo-liscious print!

2. Our next item is a one-of-a-kind work of art from fullenstar. Imagine strolling along on your spring walks with this lovely bit of wool and silk fluttering behind you!

3. I think the bright yellow of these earrings is outstanding! They are wood cutouts from SAEE, ready to be worn, seen, and admired.

4. Zebras and Daffodils - what more do you need? This is an original artwork by unitedthread and would be perfect hanging in a sunroom or nursery.

5. Keep your little neccessaries in this glowing clutch. Sewlola made this purse from a fabric purchased in Avignon, France!

6. Last but not least, a fine art photograph of an actual daffodil by peggyhodge. I hope your spring is as beautiful as this print!

Thanks for joining us once again - remember, click on the photos for a trip to the listing of the item on Etsy.