Friday, December 10, 2010

This one's for the birds

The feeders are stuffed, the kitties are alert, 'tis the season for birdwatching! We've got a column feeder full of black oil sunflower seeds and several resident birds... So far I counted 4 species today - I'll be keeping a list and post more birds as I see them. The pictures I will be posting are taken with gratitude from fellow Etsians' shops. Please click on the photo for more info about the picture or item! For today:

1. Black Capped Chickadee- This lively little guy is also the state bird of Massachusetts. They can decrease their core body temperatures by 10-12 degrees F to conserve energy during cold winter nights! Click HERE to visit a wiki page to hear the chickadee's call.
2. Tufted Titmouse- These birds are generally friendly and inquisitive... and they have a great name! Click HERE for their call.3. Dark-eyed Junco - Another bird with a great name, this little sparrow tends to hunt for food on the ground in small flocks.
4. Northern Cardinal - We all know this common winter bird. We have a male and female pair that visit the feeder on a regular basis. Click HERE for the sounds of a male.
To completely change gears for a moment, I recently received an email from CISA (Community Involved in Local Agriculture) about local eggs, chickens, and other assorted poultry and fowl. Our local farmers are necessary and inspiring - do you have a way you can support farmers in your area?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the little birdies with us, and thanks for the info on the Black Capped Chickadee. I live in Massachusetts and wasn't aware that that was the state bird!! :-)) Oh well!