Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Heart-Day Cozy Give Away!

Hello all! There are several events to celebrate here at the Underhill House, and what better way to do that than to host a give away! Rules and regulations are at the end of the post (but it is really easy).

Item the first: Hearts for Haiti the Etsy shop has raised an impressive $14,857 to date for the Doctors Without Borders charity. I'm glad to say that both of my donated cozies sold within hours to help this great cause. Also exciting? The second sale went to Australia, making it my first international sale :o) This is all good, but we can do more. That is why, from now until Valentine's Day, I will be donating 10% of any item bought in my shop to the same Haiti relief effort.

Item the second: Last night saw the first item of mine to hit the front page of Etsy! Because I am a super big nerd I did a screen capture to preserve the moment.
The hit counter for this little mocha cozy went crazy.... thanks Etsy!

All of this fun news brings us to our give away - I would like to celebrate by giving away one of these cute cozies - all you have to do is visit the shop at and then come back here and leave a comment telling us which is your favorite. I will continue to post new cozies during this time, including mug cozies. They would all make GREAT Heart-Day gifts!

Fine print:
  • One entry per comment, get one additional entry per each blog, facebook announcement tweet etc of the contest. Just leave another comment indicating how you spread the word.
  • Get an extra entry if you follow this page or fan our FACEBOOK page - again, just leave a comment saying you did so.
  • The contest runs from now until midnight Sunday Feb. 7th (happens to be my birthday as well- yet ANOTHER great reason to do a give away!)
  • The randomly drawn winner will be contacted through blogspot, email, or your etsy page- if they are not reachable in 24 hours we will draw again.
  • Have Fun!!!
Just a few sample pix- go to the Etsy page to see more:


  1. just thought I'd let you know I followed your link from FB so the word is getting out ;-)

  2. this one, i love!

  3. Spread the word via FaceBook too! :o)

  4. Love the "Lova Lotta Latte Mocha - Hand-Knit Cup Cozy" is my favorite.
    I following your blog and a fan on facebook. These are awesome.

  5. Incredible! Good job, adorable cozies!

  6. definitely love the brown with creamy hearts. so pretty. happy early birthday :)

  7. Thanks for the chance! Here is my favourite:

    youmey0u at

  8. I'm hoping that this is open worldwide, if not oh well, I'll just have to be happy with the one I have coming through Hearts for Haiti :)

    I really love the oatmeal hearts one, very sweet! Oh, and i just wanted to say how adorable your little toddler mittens are as well!

  9. And I just became a follower :)

  10. Lova Lotta Latte Oatmeal definitely my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win. I became a fan on facebook too!!

  11. Thanks for all the comments folks- you know what to do! And yes, the contest is 100% open to everyone, everywhere. :-)

  12. My favorite is the lavender "drink me" cozy! Though, I really enjoy the styles that can go over a mug, rather than a paper cup. I drink out of mugs more than I do paper cups. :-)

  13. PS - I already follow both the blog and your Facebook. :-D

  14. this is my favorite...

    I bought one for my friend and it is SO CUTE!!!! So well made and soft!!!!


  15. My favorite is the Lova Lotta Latte Pink and Chocolate Hearts. Plus that's a great title :)

    etsygadgetgear (at)